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Right now, a lot of young couples are looking to invest in real estate. These millennials are looking for very specific things. These young buyers value things such as home offices, good building amenities, etc. However, another thing that these buyers are looking for are these top neighborhood features:

1. Community

Young buyers value community. Therefore, one of the most important neighborhood features that they are looking for is the sense of community. This includes organized events, and similar happenings that extend the feeling of belonging. Right now, young buyers are looking to move into neighborhoods where they can make friends and connect with their neighbors.

2. Access to transportation

Right now, millennials and other young buyers put a lot of importance into living in a neighborhood that provides access to transportation options.

3. Good amenities

Young buyers are looking to have good amenities with easy and convenient access. These buyers are looking to move into neighborhoods that have lots of dining, shopping, and recreation options nearby.

4. A good education system

Because a lot of young couples have kids or are thinking about having kids, access to a good education system is a top priority. Therefore, good neighborhoods top level schools are becoming a huge priority within that market.

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neighborhood features millennials look for

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