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There is a perverse logic to using a car elevator, particularly in Miami where you can’t easily build an underground garage. It eliminates all the ramps and circulation that can take up almost as much area as the parking, and gets rid of the street-destroying parking garages that are so high that the new buildings don’t even start until after the old buildings end. Technically, it is actually pretty impressive.

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Car Elevator - Porsche Tower

The Dezervator at Porsche Tower is a fully automated car elevator powered by electricity and hydraulics (there’s currently no plan to power them off any alternative to the South Floridian grid). Three Dezervators whose energy-hogging acrobatics operate independently of one another cleverly meet in adjoined circles occupying the hollow concrete core of the tower. Inhabitants can drive their automobiles right into the building and get transported directly up to their condominium all without leaving their car or having to deal with a valet.

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