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Original article: Bisnow

President Donald Trump wants expand immigration through EB-5 Program. His proposal is to increase the annual number of available EB-5 visas from 10,000 to 75,000 while decreasing minimum investment amounts for legal residence from $900K to $450K. The news was brought by BISNOW following POLITICO reports (Click here to access the news)

EB-5 Visa increase: Trump wants to boost economy
EB-5 Visa increase: Trump wants to boost economy – Photo: Pixabay

The announcement was done several months after Trump’s administration did the opposite by tightening immigration through the program. In November, minimum investment for the program was nearly doubled, from $500K to $900K in the so called TEAs (targeted employment areas), and from $1M to $1.8M in other areas.

EB-5 Program was created back in 1990. The idea was to stimulate the US economy by creating jobs with foreign money.

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