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The long-awaited release flights from other countries to the US seems to be getting closer and closer. Current U.S. President Donald Trump has just released a measure that suspends travel restrictions for several countries, including UK, 26 countries of the EU Schengen area and also Brazil. However, the spokesman for the new president-elect Joe Biden, has already said that the new government will not adopt flexibilization.

Trump promises to lift flight restrictions for UK travellers, EU Schengen and other countries
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The new measure would take effect on January 26 and be accompanied by another that requires negative testing for Covid for all international visitors to the United States. The suspension of restrictions would benefit Brazil, Ireland, the United Kingdom and countries in Europe that belong to the Schengen Area.

Democrat Joe Biden, who takes office as new U.S. president on Wednesday (20) has already shown resistance to Donald Trump’s new move. Biden’s spokesman Jen Psaki points out that the current moment is to “tighten public health measures on international travel”. Psaki further points out that “with the pandemic worsening, and more contagious variants emerging around the world, it is not the time to lift restrictions on international travel.”

The suspension of international flights has been in effect since May 29, 2020. Passengers entering the USA who have been in the restricted countries for less than 14 days are prevented from entering. The measure does not apply to US residents or who are married to an American citizen, among other specific cases.

To “circumvent” the measure, some foreigners choose to stay 14 days in Mexico, and then continue to the USA. The USA has not imposed any restrictions on flights from Mexico. The strategy has worked, but it is risky, since if the intention to circumvent the procedure is proven, admission on American soil may be denied.

Despite the restrictions, Florida’s real estate market is super heated

Contrary to what was imagined, despite the restrictions imposed on international visitors, the Florida real estate sector has never been more heated, thanks to the domestic market. With the pandemic, many people decided to change their apartment or house. Several Americans lost their jobs and / or had to contain expenses. With that, they decided to move to smaller properties. Others decided to move to larger spaces, in search of a better quality of life in periods of confinement. Single-family homes (large houses, with backyards and large environments) were the most sought after. Demand was also pressured by residents of other states. New Yorkers began to exchange their small apartments in the urban center for large houses in suburban areas in Florida.

Demand for single-family homes in the Orlando area, central Florida, has grown so much that existing inventory has not met demand. In the absence of homes, luxury condos in Miami have become a good option, as they also offer spacious residential units and excellent infrastructure.

Not only did individuals participate in this movement of change and migration, but the exodus also occurred in the corporate environment. Large companies in states like New York and California, known as high-tax states, decided to migrate their operations (or part of them) to states like Florida, which have no income state tax and offer an excellent quality of life for their partners, employees and contributors.

The mayor of Miami, eyeing this movement, has been working hard to position Magic City as the new mecca for technology companies, taking advantage of the exodus of these companies from Silicon Valley, California.

Despite the restrictions, Florida's real estate market is super heated
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With flight restrictions, real estate purchases are made virtually

With the restriction of international flights, there was an intensification of property purchases made at a distance. Before the pandemic, the buyer was no longer required to be physically present on American soil to purchase a property. However, in some cases the presence was welcome, especially in the case of financing. With the pandemic, Florida officials have made the process even less bureaucratic. Now there is no obligation and purchases can be made remotely.

Contrary to what many foreigners may think, distance buying does not change much in relation to face-to-face shopping. It is clear that, in person, it is easier to see the details of the properties and “feel” the new environment. However, with the new virtual reality apps, it is possible to take a tour of the property and check every detail of the unit, as if the buyer were physically on-site.

With flight restrictions, real estate purchases are made virtually
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