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Uptown Harbour, the new Dezer’s Development in North Miami Beach, was finally approved by 4 to 3 in the City Comission, together with a new zoning as well. The $ 1.5 billion development will take place where Intracoastal Mall is today. Reported The Real Deal.

Uptown Harbour new development approved by North Miami Beach City Commission
Uptown Habour in North Miami Beach – Image: Zyscovich Architects

The idea is to replace the mall with a new development called Uptown Harbour. The new construction was designed by Bernard Zyscovich, and will follow the mixed-use trend bringing a massive change to North Miami Beach area. The development will offer almost 2.000 residential units. 1,750 of those units will be distributed in 5 luxury condo towers up to 40 stories high. 200 units would be for rental and there will be also 50 townhomes. The project also calls for a 250-room hotel, a mall, retail and many other amenities, including a new canal crossing the area.

It was not easy for Gil Dezer to get the project approved. The new development faced a heavy opposition, specially by North Miami Beach residents, claiming the new construction will bring traffic issues to the neighborhood, besides other problems a development that big could cause to the community. Many public improvements had to be added to the project in order for it to get approved, such as a new police department, a park, fire station and other amenities that will have to be funded by Dezer Development.

Dezer Development would also fund public improvements including building a police department, fire station, community center, a 6-acre park and infrastructure as part of the proposal

The development is still waiting for the approval from the Florida Department of Transportation.

Gil Dezer is known in Miami for his high-end luxury towers in Sunny Isles Beach, such as Porsche Design Tower and Armani Residences.

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