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What makes a USDA Prime Steak different from the common ones? If you’ve ever tasted one you will never forget the tenderness and juiciness. Also, the buttery flavor makes a USDA Prime Steak much tastier and superior the any other. But how it is graded?

USDA means “United Department of Agriculture”. The USDA grades beef after a meticulously inspection that considers the maturity of the meat (age) and the quantity of marbling or fat specs. Those are the main factors, but of course there are others. But basically the more marbling and the younger the beef, the higher the grade.

The marbling of the meat affects the tenderness. It also determines the juiciness of the meat. The age of the meat is related to the texture. Both marbling and maturity also affects the flavor.

It is hard to find USDA prime steaks on supermarkets, since the supply is limited. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grades the beefs only at a meat meat packer request. Most of the graded beefs go to the finest restaurants.

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