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Brimming with coffee shops, Latin American art galleries and many busy restaurants, Calle Ocho (Eighth Street) traverses one of Miami’s most vibrant Cuban communities.

This one-way street usually has tons of tourist and locals frequenting the famous ice cream shop, Azucar, or one of the most famous Cuban restaurants in Miami, Versailles.

As with many other popular South Florida neighborhoods, the area has lost its appeal because of COVID-19. You might see one or two people walking around in surgical masks with their dogs or maybe a homeless person. But other than that, the streets are completely empty.

In Miami we are currently under a nightly curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. One thing I am missing is the nightlife this street has to offer. Ball and Chain, Los Altos and Bar Nancy are some of my personal favorites.

Hopefully, soon enough I will be able to go down the street and play dominos at Máximo Gómez Park or enjoy tacos at El Santo Taqueria.

domino park
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