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Disney Group has been maintaining its headquarters in the state of California for almost a century, where the group’s first theme park, Disneyland, was inaugurated. Orlando’s parks came later and today are the company’s main source of revenue. Recently, Walt Disney Company has been considering moving part of its operations to Florida, following the movement of other large corporations, in search of a more business-friendly environment. Reported Wow News Today.

The decision to move to Florida was already on the radar, since California is considered an expensive state, in terms of taxes, for its entrepreneurs. In addition, there is also great bureaucracy that inhibits the operations of companies and startups. No wonder California is experiencing an exodus of tech companies, which are abandoning Silicon Valley for new headquarters in Texas and Florida.

Walt Disney Company planning to move some divisions to Lake Nona
Photo: Pixabay

The last straw for the Disney group may have been the recent events of the pandemic. California has adopted strict lockdown measures, not allowing the parks to be opened, even with limited capacity. The decision by the government authorities significantly impacted the group’s finances. At the same time, Florida has been shown to be more business-friendly, allowing the opening of parks, within security protocols of security.

Of course not all divisions would migrate to the Sunshine States. It is highly unlikely that film and television production, located in LA and NY, would be part of the relocation. The migration would involve only the them park divisions.

Planned Community Lake Nona is the place where Disney is considering to host some of its divisions. Lake Nona, in the suburbs of Orlando, is strategically located near the theme parks, and next to Orlando International Airport, as well. The community is investing heavily in office spaces. Other great names, such a the audit giant KPGM, already has training center in Lake Nona and is considering moving some divisions to a new office building in the community.

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