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The minds behind Natiivo Miami, (Natiivo™ Miami) the revolutionary home-sharing-friendly development that was designed to create a hybrid hospitality and residential experience for owners and travelers alike, joined Haute Residence for a webinar to talk about the project.

Natiivo™ Miami is a gamechanger in the “eat, work, live and play” world of development. Within Natiivo™ Miami is Creative HQ, Miami’s first-ever creative office-condos, giving flexibility to owners, as well as the use of Natiivo™’s exclusive members-only concept, Natiivo™ Social. Natiivo™ Social is three floors of curated amenities, including a pool with pool-side cabanas, outdoor terraces, state-of-the-art fitness center, restaurant and cocktail bar, outdoor dining, entertainment spaces, media room, programmed events, speakeasy, DJ booth, Peloton studio, yoga, and more.

Watch the webinar below:

Natiivo Miami
Azeez Bakare is a high quality visualization artist, using the latest technologies in 3D / CGI, Photography, and Drone Videography to reveal sophisticated and luxe imagery. Azeez pushes the boundary of computer generated visuals by capturing the natural light in architecture, space, and time to produce a real life photo-realistic experience.
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