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In this article we explain in detail what the weather in Orlando is like in the different months and seasons. The state of Florida is known as the Sunshine State. The title has to do with the warmer and more pleasant climate, especially when compared to the central and northern states, where the winter is harsh. No wonder, Florida is a winter getaway for Americans and also a favorite destination for retired Americans. Keep reading to learn more about the weather and the best time to go to Disney.

Weather and temperature in Orlando Florida. All you need to know

It is important to clarify, however, that the city of Orlando, unlike Miami, offers lower temperatures in winter. In Miami the temperature is hot all year. With very few exceptions, it is possible to go to Miami in the winter months as well. In Orlando, however, temperatures fluctuate a little more and in winter it can bring considerably low temperatures.

Even so, the weather is super pleasant most of the year. This was one of the main reasons why the Disney Group chose the city of Orlando to host the theme parks. Not only because of the more pleasant climate but also because of the lower incidence of hurricanes, as it is a more central city and is not exposed to hurricanes like coastal cities.

Summer in Orlando

The summer months in Orlando are June, July and August. These are months when the temperature in Orlando is very high, often exceeding 40 degrees. In addition, the climate in the summer is very humid, very reminiscent of a beach town. It usually rains in the late afternoon, but it is a passing rain. Take the opportunity to enjoy the water parks.

You can enjoy the parks in Orlando peacefully, even with rain in the late afternoon. Parks often sell raincoats and you can also find them in most supermarkets at much cheaper prices. There are several stores in parks, restaurants and other closed establishments to protect themselves from the rain, as well as closed toys that also operate normally. Some external toys close to visitors when there is a forecast of rain coming. After a while, after the rain, they open again to the public.

Also enjoy the beach at this time of year. There are beaches in Orlando just an hour from Orlando. It is perfectly possible to go for a walk and take a break from the park’s marathons.

The high season periods in Orlando bring an inconvenience: crowded parks. If you don’t like long lines, avoid these periods to travel to Orlando. And if you own a holiday home in the city, try to make these high season periods available for rent, so you can maximize your income. These are the months with the highest occupancy rate in Orlando.

Winter in Orlando

The winter months in Orlando are December, January and February. Despite being in the state of Florida, temperatures in the winter months tend to drop a lot. It doesn’t snow in Orlando, but it is not uncommon for the temperature to come close to zero or even less than zero degrees. So don’t skimp on jackets and accessories!

Temperature graph in Orlando for the different months

Below is a graph of the temperature in Orlando in the different months (minimum and maximum):

Temperature graph in Orlando for the different months
The information below was taken from the website:

Orlando weather in January

January is one of the coldest months of the year in Orlando. While it is summer in Brazil, in the northern hemisphere it is winter. You may even think that Florida, being the “Sunshine State”, is not cold. This may even be true in the case of Miami, where it is possible to go to the beach almost every day of the year. However, in Orlando it is quite different. The temperature in Orlando in January could drop below zero. Of course, this situation is extremely rare, but the temperature is very low in Orlando at this time of year, ranging from 9.2 º C (48.2 º F) to 21.8 º C (69.8 º F) average. This temperature range may even be interesting for tourists used to cold weather in their countries of origin, which does not apply to Brazilians.

But there are many advantages!

The weather in Orlando in January can be even colder, but the days are usually quite sunny. The parks, due to the cold, are not very crowded (less queues at attractions). Put on a nice coat, hat and gloves and enjoy! For those who enjoy a cold at night, here’s the tip to enjoy a good wine in a good restaurant!

Orlando weather in February

In February the temperature in Orlando is also cold, similar to January with a minimum of 48.2 ° F (9 ° C) and a maximum of 71.6 ° F (22 ° C). February Orlando already receives more tourists, including Brazilians, due to the carnival.

Orlando weather in March

The weather in March in Orlando is pleasant. That’s when spring begins in the northern hemisphere. The temperature in March in Orlando varies between 53.6 ° F (12 ° C) and 77 ° F (25 ° C) – a slight improvement over previous months.

Weather in March in Orlando - Spring
Spring in Orlando

Temperature in Orlando in April

The weather is getting hotter and soon very hot. Air temperatures vary between 59 ° F (15 ° C) and 82.4 ° F (28 ° C), causing more crowds on the streets. April weather »

Weather in May

Temperatures rise a lot and are between 64.4 ° F (18 ° C) and 87.8 ° F (31 ° C) and sometimes increase even more. May is an excellent time of year to enjoy the 78.8 ° F (26 ° C) ocean. May weather »


June is Orlando’s hottest month, with scorching temperatures between 73.4 ° F (23 ° C) and 89.6 ° F (32 ° C)! Most people stay in the shadows or indoors, as the sun does not make the weather milder. June weather »


More rain does not decrease temperatures, as they vary between 73.4 ° F (23 ° C) and 91.4 ° F (33 ° C). The sun does not make the climate more comfortable – it radiates ten hours a day. July weather »


The weather in August is controversial for sun fans, due to rains almost every day. Temperatures are between 73.4 ° F (23 ° C) and 91.4 ° F (33 ° C) and ocean temperatures are pleasant at 84.2 ° F (29 ° C). It is advisable to use an umbrella or cover and to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to avoid sunburn.


Sea temperatures in September still remain at 29.2 ° C (84.2 ° F), but surface air temperatures drop slightly, between 71.6 ° F (22 ° C) and 89.6 ° F (32 ° C).


Sea temperatures are read from 27.6 ° C to 29 ° C, and surface air temperatures are between 18.4 ° C and 29 ° C. October temperatures are much more bearable than in the months summer. October weather »


The weather in November is pleasant, with temperatures between 57.2 ° F (14 ° C) and 77 ° F (25 ° C) and minimum rainfall of 2.5 “(63.5 mm) over an average of 10 days. The sun shines slightly until eight o’clock.

Orlando Temperature in December

December temperatures drop even more – between 10 ° C (50 ° F) and 23.4 ° C (73.4 ° F). Despite being a colder temperature for Brazilians, the climate is still considered very pleasant by North Americans, where winter is considerably more severe. In this way, the city is crowded, not only because American and Northern European tourists go to Orlando, but also because of the Christmas and New Year season. Added to this is the fact that it is a school vacation. The consequence: crowded parks.

Orlando temperature in December

Despite being between 10º and 23.4º on average, the temperature in Orlando in December can be much colder, reaching zero degrees in some years. Wrap up !!

The rain is light and falls for only ten days throughout the month, adding 66 cm (2.6 “) and inspiring more walks in the parks without fear of storms.

The sun rises for an average of seven hours and encourages sunbathing and the ocean at a sea temperature of 23.4 ° C (73.4 ° F).

December indicates the start of the cold season. Temperatures are dropping slowly, but persistently as the end of the year approaches.

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