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In Winter Garden, a charming and historic town north of Orlando, you can start a bike ride along a 35 km paved trail called the West Orange Trail. The trail actually starts in Oakland, east of Winter Garden, and goes to the town of Apopka, on the shores of Lake Apopka. The tip to start the tour in Winter Garden, is because in the historic center of the city there is a traditional store that rents bikes, the Wheel Works – Bike Rental Station. In addition, the Winter Garden center is very beautiful, with its preserved architecture, shops, cafes, pastry shops and great restaurants.

The name West Orange Trail is due to the fact that central Florida was taken over by orange groves. Even today it is possible to see some small plantations when walking along the trail. As you travel the West Orange trail, you will discover typical towns and villages, rich in local culture and history. Most of the trail was built on the tracks of an old railway line. The trail is still under construction and the project foresees a total of 36 miles fully paved.

The trail is a nice thing to do in Orlando Florida besides visiting theme parks.

West Orange Trail
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