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Out on the street there were very few people, mostly cops and bums, the former standing guard at street corners, the latter hanging about, smoking cigarettes. Many of the cops and their cars were congregated in front of Domino Park, which I really wanted to see. Typically, it’s full of old-school Cuban men, seated amongst friends, drinking coffee and playing dominos. The park’s been open for 35 years, and there are domino-decorated tiles and even benches where you can sit and watch, take in the scene.

But today, outside on the front gate, was a big banner that said the park was closed until further notice. All I could do was peer in through the bars and imagine the sounds of the tiles, the chatter of the old men, the colors of their clothes. A gem of Miami, an icon of Little Havana, existing now only in the past, back when people roamed these streets.

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Domino Park (Maximo Gomez Park): Closed Untile Further Notice
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