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Despite being a destination best known for shopping and partying, Miami offers an incredible variety of attractions and tours for children as well. In this article we list 6 incredible tips on what to do in Miami with kids.

There are several interesting things to do in Miami with kids and they usually return delighted from that trip. To help you organize your family vacation, we are going to show you 7 attractions to do with kids in Miami. Continue reading our post and check it out!

Things to do in Miami with kids

1. Miami Children’s Museum

Our list could not begin with another attraction. The Miami Children’s Museum, as the name says, is a place that was designed for children to have fun. It is a non-profit educational organization that aims to encourage kids to play, imagine, create and learn.

What to do in Miami with kids
Miami Children’s Museum

The museum has several areas, such as a hospital, ship, bank, and the little ones can play being adults for a day. They usually like this tour a lot, because they can interact with the attractions, paint, play, etc. Adults can only enter the Miami Children’s Museum if they are accompanied by children.

Visiting the Miami Children’s Museum is a great tip on what to do in Miami with kids, on any day, but especially on rainy days, because most of it is covered. On very hot days, it is also a good idea to visit the museum, as the environment is air conditioned.

2. Zoo Miami – Things to do in Miami with kids

Take your kids to an amazing wildlife experience at Zoo Miami, the largest zoo in Florida. It is not just about watching different animals from all over the world. It is about learning about them and raising our eco-awareness. At Zoo Miami the animals are not caged behind bars, as you may observe an many zoos around the world. At Zoo Miami the environment mimics the animal’s natural habitats.

Zoo Miami

3. Frost Museum – What to do in Miami with kids

Another interesting museum to visit with kids is the Frost Museum, which is actually called The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. It has 6 floors and many attractions in one location.

At Frost you can visit a planetarium, an aquarium and a science museum. The attractions are usually interactive, so children can play at the exhibits and play while they learn. In other words, this tour is guaranteed fun for the little ones. In addition to the exhibitions and shows, on the top floor of the Frost Museum there is a viewpoint where visitors can observe a beautiful panoramic view of Miami.

As there are several areas to be visited in this museum, you may need to stop to eat and recharge. The museum’s fifth floor has a special picnic area, where families can take their own food and have a meal enjoying the view of Miami.

The Frost Museum is relatively new in the city, having opened in 2017. Therefore, the lines are usually long and the best thing to do is to buy family tickets in advance. Before making the trip it is also important to check what the exhibitions will be at the time of your visit, so that you can plan which ones you want to take your child with.

Visiting the Frost Museum is a great suggestion for a cultural tour to do with kids in Miami.

4. Jungle Island

Jungle Island is a zoo in the shape of a safari, meaning animals are free in open areas as if they were in the wild. This is very interesting and makes the ride even cooler for the kids.

In this attraction it is possible to see several animals, such as parrots, white lions, lemurs and even penguins. If you buy a special ticket, you get authorization to interact with some of the most docile animals in the zoo. You can play with lemurs, for example, or feed the flamingos.

In addition, Jungle Island also offers shows and activities for children and parents, such as climbing walls and doing bungee jumping. The attraction has a eating area, where the family can rest and eat during the tour.

5. Lummus Park

On Ocean Drive, one of Miami’s main avenues, is Lummus Park Beach. Full of trees and coconut trees, the park is very beautiful and calm. At the end of Lummus Park is Miami Beach, one of the most popular in the city.

Lummus Park is a great option for those who are walking with children, because it has a playground where they can play a lot. Adults can rest for a while on the beach or do physical activities, as the park offers equipment such as bars and weights. For those who like it, it is still possible to rent a bicycle and walk through the park taking advantage of the beautiful view and the refreshing wind of the place.

6. Miami Seaquarium

Florida’s largest aquarium is located in Miami, on the way to Key Biscayne. In addition to the possibility of seeing several marine animals and traditional aquarium shows, the Miami Seaquarium is a place that preserves the lives of several of these animals, such as turtles and manatees, a species of manatee.

The Miami Seaquarium is an attraction that enchants kids a lot because it is also allowed that they have contact with the animals. Just like on Jungle Island, if you buy a special ticket you are entitled to interact and even swim with some of the animals!

One of the children’s favorite activities in the aquarium is swimming with the dolphins. They spend almost an hour with the animal and an instructor accompanies the experience. There are not many times to swim with dolphins, to save animals. So, if you want to take your child, it is best to book the tour in advance.

Miami Seaquarium - Things to do in Miami with kids

7. Flamingo Park – What to do in Miami with kids

In the South Beach area, you can take the family to Flamingo Park. The park has two swimming pools, a baseball stadium, basketball courts, handball, football, tennis center and playground for children.

That is, there are several entertainment options for the little ones. There is also an extensive green area in Flamingo Park, great for those who want to relax, connect with nature and take a break from the hustle and bustle.

As you can see, there are lots of attractions for kids in Miami and they have a lot of fun at this Florida destination. So you don’t have to worry about what to do with the kids while on vacation in the city.

See which of the attractions listed here match your child and start planning your trip to Miami now. To find out more about Miami and the entire state of Florida, be sure to visit our blog!

8. Candytopia at Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall has a new attraction for kids (and adults)! Welcome to Candytopia, a place you’ve never seen before where everything (almost) is made of candy! It is the Candyland! Imagine how happy your kids will be when you take them there.

Candytopia Miami
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