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Buying a new-construction home is very exciting. However, it is important to consider that just because the construction is new, it doesn’t automatically mean that it is free of flaws. Before closing on a new-construction home, here are some things to consider:

1- Hire an experienced real estate agent

When purchasing a new home, it is very important that you work with an experienced agent that you trust. When looking for a new-construction home, don’t forget to hire a real estate agent who has experience representing new-construction buyers. Working with the right real estate agent will ensure that you sort through the best options during your home buying journey. An experienced agent will negotiate with the builder to ensure pertinent items are covered.

2- Make sure you understand the quality of the build

You should be able to get a set of plans from the builder, designer, or city to make sure nothing was left out. When buying a new-construction home, you should check the foundation to ensure there are no issues, since this can be costly to fix. Again, working with a trusted real estate agent will ensure that you don’t miss any important details.

3- Consider all possible upgrades and design options

Check to see all of the possible design options available for your new-construction house. Ask to see what the standard fixtures/design elements look like, and what it costs to upgrade them. This way, you can compare what the costs would be if you did them on your own once your home is finished. Remember, upgrading features during construction is a good idea if you don’t want to deal with renovations once you move in.

4- Get a warranty

Honestly, you shouldn’t have many issues in a new home for a long time. But if you do, it’s important to be covered. Before closing a new-construction home, make sure it comes with a warranty.

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