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When will international flights reopen?

If the measure created by Trump prevails, we already have a date: January 26, 2021!

However, this reality is not the most likely. New President Joe Biden is likely to maintain the restrictions. The good news is that the vaccine has arrived! According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) so far about 4.5 million Americans have received the first dose of the vaccine in the United States.

When will international flights reopen
Photo: Pixabay

Even if the vaccination schedule is longer in other countries that are with flights for US suspended, everything indicates that in the USA it will be faster and there are great chances that the country will get out of the pandemic in August this year, where approximately 70% of the population would be vaccinated (about 330 million people ). In this context, it is possible that normality will return to the USA already in the middle of the year. Within the “new normal”, it is safer for the authorities to re-authorize international flights, as long as the authorization is accompanied by other measures, such as the obligation of a negative test for those entering the country.

This vaccination schedule in the USA may be even faster. US pharmacies and supermarkets are also preparing to offer the vaccine against Covid-19.

Some airlines are even optimistic! Orlando International Airport (MCO) is scheduled for LATAM flights from Brazil as of February 1, 2021. GOL Linhas Aéreas also confirms its intention to fly back to the USA soon, with the reopening of the sale. tickets on its website for direct flights from three Brazilian cities: Brasília, Manaus and Fortaleza. The flights are scheduled to resume on March 27, 2021.

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