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5 restaurants in Miami Beach 

Juvia – Address: 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

Source: Juvia

 Juvia is a rooftop bar/restaurant located down Lincoln Road. Beyond its incredible food, the modern Décor also stands out. The restaurant has 2 different areas: an open rooftop and a glass surrounded salon with amazing views of Miami Beach. The restaurant offers a mix of Peruvian, French and Japanese cuisine, resulting in delicious meals and very well-sized portions. The prices are not expensive considering the overall experience and quality of the dishes.

Cecconi’s – Address: Soho Beach House Hotel – 4385, Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

Source: Cecconi’s

Cecconi’s is a cute Italian restaurant located at the Soho Beach House Hotel at Miami Beach. In the menu, you can find different types of pasta, carpaccio, tartare, fish and meat dishes and also plant-based options. Their menu offers a great range of wines. The restaurant serves really good traditional Italian dishes and is usually packed with people, so remember to make your reservation (Open Table Reservation:  

Shake Shack – Address: 1111 Lincoln Road corner with Lenox Ave, Miami Beach

Source: Shake Shack

Yes, I know. It’s a hamburger place, but it’s one of the best hamburgers you’ll find out there. For those of you that do not know Shake Shack, I would describe it like a Gourmet Fast Food. One of those Hamburgers you’ll remember for a long time. Trust me. And of course, I cannot forget their amazing Cheese Fries and Milkshake. This unit is located right below Juvia restaurant. 

The Lido Bayside GrillAddress: The Standard Hotel – 40 Island Ave, Belle Isle, Miami Beach 

Source: The Lido Bayside Grill

One of the best things about this place is its vibe and view, especially if you go there at sunset. The décor is filled with lamp-lights and it is just the cutest place. Good music, young and beautiful people fill the atmosphere of this cool spot at Miami Beach. The menu is very eclectic and for sure you’ll find something “yummy” for everyone. 

 Los Fuegos by Francis Mallman – Address: Hotel Faena – 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach 

Source: Los Fuegos

For those meat lovers out there, you’ll have to visit Los Fuegos restaurant, headed by the top chef Francis Mallmon. Located at the super chic and brand-new Faena Hotel at Miami Beach, this has to be one of your mandatory stops. Argentinian cuisine in a beautiful and ludic environment.  

5 Restaurants at Brickell and Downtown 

Quinto La Huella – Address: 5th floor EAST Hotel – 788 Brickell Plaza 

Source: Quinto La Huella

Located at the amazing EAST Miami Hotel, the Quinto La Huella is a branch of the well-known Uruguayan restaurant, Parador La Hella. They serve simple and delicious dishes. Amazing meats, fish and Sushi Bar. For dessert, you’ll have to try the Vulcan de Dulce de Leche. 

Sugar (Bar. Deck. Louge) – Address: 44th floor EAST Hotel – 788 Brickell Plaza 

Source: Sugar

Also located at the EAST Miami hotel, Sugar is a rooftop bar with an amazing view of the City. The main attractions are the drinks but you can also find finger food like Tapas. Cozy environment with lots of benches spread along it’s illuminated garden.

Cantina La Veinte – Address: 495 Brickell Ave  

Source: Cantina La Veinte

To those Mexican Food lovers, you’ll love this special and elegant spot at Cantina la Veinte. This Mexican pearl is located behind W Hotel Miami and Yoo Building.  

La Mar – Address: Mandarin Oriental Hotel – 500, Brickell Key Drive

Source: La Mar

Lead by the amazing Chef Gaston Acurio, La Mar is the perfect spot for classic Peruvian cuisine. Here you’ll find delicious ceviche, meat dishes, Seafood, served in the pleasant environment of Mandarin Oriental at Brickell. If you choose to sit on the outside, you’ll have a beautiful view of Biscayne Bay and Miami Skyline.  

Zuma Address: Epic Hotel – 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way 

Source: Zuma

The most famous Japanese restaurant in Miami, with branches spread all over the World such as in Bangkok, London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Dubai. It is located at EPIC Hotel in Downtown (going there is a program on its own). The menu is filled with dishes from Japanese cuisine but with authenticity. Be advised that dinner at Zuma can be really expensive, but if you are a Japanese’s food lover, you should definitely come here once.  

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