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Where would you hide your super luxury car if a hurricane approaches? What about keeping in the living room of your high-end oceanfront condo in South Florida?

Believe it or not, that is exactly what happened during Hurricane Dorian when the storm was arriving the coast of Miami.

Prestige Imports owner, Brett David, who has a good relationship with developer of the Porsche Design Building Gil Dezer, it was possible.

‘Irreplaceable’ cars worth millions kept in high-rise penthouse during Hurricane Dorian

Porsche Tower Miami is the first condo in the world with a high-tech car elevator that lifts resident’s fancy cars (with owners inside it or not) directly to the unit in Sunny Isles Beach. Owners may park the car next to the living room or at a sky garage attached to the units (depends on the floor plan). It is a unique elevator system that brings your luxury car to your sky residence, up to the 56th floor. Most residences in the tower have space for two cars and the Porsche Design penthouses have space for 11 cars.

Prestige Imports owner, Brett David, said that “it’s not about collecting a check” if anything were to happen to the cars, but “realizing that these cars are irreplaceable. Each one of the five cars that were kept in the penthouse, cost at least $3.6M with the most expensive being a Pagani Zonda worth $7.5M.

Porsche Tower was built with hurricane proof technology.

Read More at Miami Herald:

Check out the video below for a mini tour of the cars and “Dezervator”.

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