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Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and, for a while now, represents the unofficial beginning of the holiday season. The day is known for its aggressive promotions and sales with huge discounts up to 70% off.

Why is Black Friday called "Black Friday"?
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Black Friday always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States (Thanksgiving Day). Thanksgiving in the USA is a very important national holiday that celebrates a historic event that took place in 1621, when Native Americans and English settlers came together to celebrate the good harvests that year.

Each year more and more stores, brands and service providers join Black Friday promotions, including us at AMG International Realty! Did you know that there are excellent properties in Miami and Orlando being sold at discounts of up to 40%! At the end of this article we explain better the opportunities we have set aside for you.

How Black Friday started

There are several theories about the emergence of Black Friday in the USA.

The term Black Friday was not always used to define a promotions date. The first record of the use of this term was in 1869, when Wall Street investors lost a lot of money with the sudden fall gold price. The episode, which triggered a crisis in the financial market, occurred on a Friday in September.

However, the term as it is used today appeared only in the mid-60s, involving the Thanksgiving Day in the USA. As the celebration of this holiday was always full of events and, mainly, football matches, it was common for Friday, right after the holiday, to be marked by intense congestion and lots of people on the street. At a given moment, police officers from Philadelphia started referring to the Friday of Thanksgiving week as “Black Friday”, due to the small chaos that the date represented.

What does this have to do with promotions? It did not take long for merchants to take advantage of the great movement to create promotions and stimulate sales on this day! Thus began the tradition, which only took shape in the form we know today since 1980.

There are also historical records that show that the accounting notes retailers were made in black and red ink. Black was used for the profit notes and red for the losses. Therefore, when the balance sheet closed “in the black”, it meant profit. As the Friday after Thanksgiving Day was marked by many sales, traders closed the balance “in black”, which could have given this date the title “Black Friday”.

As it is at the end of November, Black Friday also became a kind of inauguration of the holiday period, as it is a date close to Christmas. Many Americans even use the date to buy holiday gifts at considerably cheaper prices.

The tradition went beyond Friday and extended to the whole week (Black Week) and also to the month of November (Black November). On the Monday after Black-Friday there is also Cyber-Monday. The term “cyber” was first used in 2005, when virtual stores and e-commerce were still crawling on the internet. It was a way to stimulate online sales. Today, the term “cyber” doesn’t make much sense anymore, but the title remains and remains an interesting record of the history of online consumption in the world.

Florida real estate with up to 40% off

And in this year of 2020 AMG International Realty holds its first Black Friday, adhering to the tradition. Florida, because of the pandemic, has incredible opportunities for anyone thinking of buying a property in Miami, Orlando or suburban regions of these two cities. In addition to discounts of up to 40% on well-located, upscale properties, some developers are offering incentives of up to $ 100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) when buying homes in Orlando.

Take advantage of Black-Friday and contact us today to buy your property in Florida: + 1 305 318 6968 (Heloisa Arazi).

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