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If you are thinking of moving to Florida and are “on the fence” to make the decision, this article is for you! See why now is the best time to move and, if you delay, you may not find a better time in the near future.

It is natural to be afraid of making such an important decision. The biggest fears of those who want to change are:

  1. How will schools change for my children?
  2. Will remote work remain?
  3. How are job and businesses opportunities in Florida?
  4. Tax incentives? I didn’t understand that well yet
  5. Where to find a large home, ready to move in and at an affordable price?
  6. What is the ideal city, neighborhood or community?

Fortunately, all these fears and doubts have a solution and an answer. Here at AMG Realty we have created a Complete Relocating E-book for Florida that, in addition to addressing the fears listed above, also brings everything you need to know about moving to Florida. It is very practical and free: Click here to download

Now that you’ve downloaded your E-book. Understand why now is the best time to move to Florida. Keep reading!

Relocating to Florida

Don’t expect prices to rise? Even your neighbor is moving!

Just like you, hundreds of thousands of Americans are “on the fence” to move. Only many of them have already made the decision. The numbers are impressive. Florida receives almost 1000 new residents every day (yes..EVERY DAY), coming from the most different states of the USA, mainly from the north. These are people who already had the goal of moving to Florida, but precipitated the decision with the pandemic. They are all escaping from centers with a high population density (high risk of contagion) in search of a better quality of life in Florida.

Imagine all this flow of buyers at the same time looking for real estate in Florida. It is natural that this strong demand will put pressure on property prices.
I have been in the Florida market for 20 years and have never seen a moment when proposals are made without any kind of negotiation and without even seeing the properties.

Today Florida offers one of the most attractive property prices in the USA. They are still low. A small 1 or 2 bedroom apartment well located in New York can easily cope with the purchase of a large 3 or more bedroom single family home with a large backyard and pool in Florida, also in an excellent location.

You will be impressed what $ 600,000 can buy in Florida. Read this article to find out

This scenario may not be the same in a few months. Why wait for prices to go up?

Winter is coming! Watch out for the second wave of COVID!

If nowadays Florida already receives almost 1,000 new residents every day, that number is probably going to increase. Unfortunately the biggest fear about the pandemic is happening. The second wave hit the whole world, including the USA. And with winter coming in the northern hemisphere, the situation is likely to worsen, as more people will spend more time indoors.

Not only is the risk of greater contagion in northern regions precipitating the decision to move to Florida, but also the fact that there will not be so many options for outdoor leisure when the harsh winter arrives. Restaurants will not be able to place tables on the sidewalk and the parks will be freezing. This is not the case in Florida, which offers good weather all year round, with open-air restaurants and bars. In Miami, for example, it is possible to go to the beach even in winter.

Don’t wait for the winter to come!

Business and job opportunities! Now is the time

There is no better time to network and take advantage of business opportunities when all your friends, neighbours and fellows are arriving at the same time to the same place. They are professionals and families who have just moved and are exploring the region, looking for new friends, new relationships. There is a climate of prosperity in the air, cheer, where anything is possible. It is a new, unique and extremely important moment in the life of those who move. It’s time to exchange cards, network and take advantage of opportunities.

Transport this situation to entire companies moving to Florida right now, especially companies in the financial sector. Billionaires like Paul Singer are migrating their hedge funds to cities in Florida. Carl ICahn moved his business from Manhattan to Sunny Isles Beach. They are not just financial firms. Companies in a variety of industries are moving to Florida.

Florida does not have a State Income Tax, a major tax draw for millionaires and businesses. At the same time, New York is known to be a very high-tax state. Things got a lot worse in NY after state and local tax (SALT) deductions were capped at $ 10,000 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Take the opportunity now that you can work remotely

You are probably doing remote work! Want a better opportunity to move to Florida than now? You can keep your job in the north and work in Florida. Enjoy the moment and live the experience of living in Florida.

And most likely your employer will support you! There is a large global movement in support of remote work and home office. Companies and big brands have also realized that the costs are lower than maintaining large offices in centers where the square foot is very expensive. Don’t worry, your company will support you and maybe move with you. Several companies are already moving to the south. In addition, several companies are creating satellite offices.

Many tech companies, such as Google, are extending remote work indefinitely. Google just announced its employees may work from home until July 2021. Twitter notified its employees that they can work from home as situation fits. Many other big brands and companies are supporting remote work and even creating satellite offices as a support for their staff.

Have small kids? The sooner you go the better for them

If you have young children the ideal is to change as soon as possible. It is easier for little ones to adapt and make new friends while they are still small. The longer it takes, the harder it will be for your children to let go of their old friends and home and also to adapt to the new reality, whether in the new school or neighborhood.

If you have young children, the longer you delay the decision, the more difficult the change will be, and it may even reach the point of never happening. This goes for any destination, not just Florida. Of course, adapting in Florida is not that difficult, for any age! And speaking of schools, we’ve created a comprehensive school guide in Florida, by region and by grade. There are plenty of good schools and universities for your children. Did you know that 2 Florida Universities Make List of 100 Best Colleges & Universities.

Why wait to move?

We hope we could clarify why now might be the best moment to move to Florida, if this is already something you’ve been thinking of. AMG International Realty is a full-service brokerage firm specializing in Florida. If you want to learn more about Florida Real Estate and want to have a guidance on how to move here, please contact me today: + 1 (305) 318 6968 (Heloisa Arazi).

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