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Florida has been attracting companies from other regions of the USA and the Orlando area is a favorite destination for large corporations. The city of Orlando and surrounding communities bring together most of the key factors that companies need to settle and grow in the region – such as the population’s high educational level, good universities, international airport and excellent quality of life for partners, employees and employees. At the same time, the region is business-friendly and local authorities collaborate and work to make the environment more and more welcoming.

Why top corporations are choosing Orlando
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It is not today that the movement of companies to Florida has been intensifying. However, some large offices in New York and California were reluctant to enter a risky and exhaustive process of transferring headquarters and / or part of operations. With the pandemic, remote work was consolidated. Many employees and collaborators took the opportunity to spend the period of isolation in Florida. With that, the decision became easier and was hasty.

KPMG, Hewlet Packard, Goldman Sachs and even the Walt Disney Company have decided or started the movement to transfer some of their divisions to Florida.

In this new context, Orlando and Miami compete to see who is the favorite of big corporations. Recently, the mayor of Miami announced that he wants to work towards making Miami a new Silicon Valley, as California is experiencing a real exodus of technology companies in search of states with more friendly and less bureaucratic fiscal environments for entrepreneurship.

Below are some of the factors that make Orlando a favorite destination for large corporations:

Orlando has become a vibrant hub of expanding business

The Orlando region is a constantly growing global professional services hub. The recent arrival in Orlando of some of the world’s top consulting firms , like Deloitte, ADP and KPMG is proof of that. This movement not only increases the region’s reputation as an expressive business center but also attracts investment and creates jobs.

The KPMG already had a training center in the region, built at the planned Lake Nona community. The auditing giant is rumored to occupy a new office building, newly built in the community. KPMG is also looking for a new corporate space in Orlando to create a Call Center.

Another company that has an eye on the Lake Nona community is the Walt Disney Company. Based in California for almost a century, the group considers migrating part of its operations to Florida in search of less taxes and less bureaucracy. Like other big names in the corporate world, Disney has been suffering from California’s strict rules and unfriendly business environment.

Access to talent

Qualified labor is always a critical factor in the growth of any business. It is not just about internally training your employees and collaborators. It is also a matter of access to talent. Will there be enough workforce to guarantee business expansion?

An important data about the Orlando region, in this context, and which becomes a differential when choosing the destination to host the operations of a business, is to know that the University of Central Florida, alone, forms approximately 3000 new professionals every year, prepared for the job market. Other colleges in the region, meetings, deliver almost 5000 trainees.

In addition, the city of Orlando has the busiest airport in Florida and one of the largest in the USA, with more than 50 million passengers every year. This ease and efficiency and domestic flights puts Orlando at the corporate center of the USA, with access to professionals from all states and the world.

More about Lake Nona community

Lake Nona is a community planned by the Tavistock Development group and is located in suburban Orlando. The community is also known as the “Medical City”, as it houses one of the most advanced medical and research centers in the United States. The community adopts the concept of Smart Community, employing high technology in its buildings, landscaping and infrastructure. Lake Nona has been gaining prominence on the international scene, attracting investors looking for homes in the Orlando area to live, maintain a second home or to earn rent income. Due to the high investments in office space and technology, the community is becoming a corporate cluster and attracting companies from other American states.

Interested in learning more about Lake Nona and other communities around Orlando?

The region around Orlando has suburban cities that are very charming and typical of central Florida, but that, at the same time, offer complete infrastructure. All are just a few minutes’ drive from downtown Orlando, which guarantees access to major shopping and entertainment centers. In addition to Lake Nona we can mention Windermere and Winter Garden, two communities that are home to some of Florida’s most luxurious condos.

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