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In the last quarter, cities around Orlando, in Orange County, had the best sales indicators. Between May in June, sales increased by almost 50%, growing since then every month. Reported Orlando Business Journal.

The suburban regions of Orange County, including Apopka, Windermere and Winter Garden, have benefited most from the heating up of the housing market. According to data released by the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, these regions were ranked among the top 10 ceps for home sales.

Windermere, Winter Garden and Apopka stand out among the cities with the best sales around Orlando

The news is hardly surprising, as homes in Orlando and central Florida became popular during the pandemic, especially among out-of-state buyers looking for spacious homes. Windermere and Winter Garden, in addition to being among the most popular regions, stand out on the list for presenting the highest average prices in the region.

The novelty is due to Apopka, the only city with two zip codes in the list of the top 10 in Orange County. The transformation is mainly due to the considerable commercial and industrial development in the city, which generates new jobs and drives demand for new homes.

The warming of the housing market is especially important as it reflects the overall health of the local economy, bringing an estimated impact of almost $ 80,000 to the region, according to a study published by the National Association of Realtors in 2018.

Part of this article is from the original one at Orlando Business Journal:

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