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Just 20 minutes drive northwest of Orlando there is a small, charming town called Winter Garden. What makes it so special is its historic center with preserved architecture. Winter Garden is gradually being discovered by tourists, but it still preserves that atmosphere typical of a small town in the interior of Florida. The city is also attracting foreigners in search of houses to buy in Winter Garden, mainly due to the quality of life in the region. Take a rest from the parks and find out what to do in this incredible city.

Winter Garden Historic Downtown

The historic center of Winter Garden is part of the National Register of Historic Places. The brick buildings in plain view recall the time when the whole region was covered with orange and citrus crops. Hence the name of the county is Orange County (County of oranges). Before the exposed bricks, the houses in Winter Garden were all made of wood. A large fire destroyed most of the village. The solution was to rebuild with masonry and bricks.

Stroll through the historic center and enjoy the shops, cafes, pastry shops and excellent restaurants. For beer lovers, there is a famous craft brewery. It is a great tour option for those who want to rest and get to know a little of what Orlando has to offer besides the parks.

Winter Garden what to do

In addition to walking through the center, there are also a number of other interesting tours and attractions in the city. Below we list some tips on what to do in Winter Garden.

Crooked Can Brewing Company

The Crooked Can Brewing Company is an artisan and traditional brewery in the city. Even for those who don’t like beer a lot, the tour is for the whole family, since the brewery is attached to the Plan Street Market, a small market with several gastronomic stands: pizzas, hamburgers, sushi, vegan options and much more. The whole atmosphere in the brewery is very pleasant.

Crooked Can Brewing Company Winter Garden

Attached to the Plan Street Market, the Crooke Can Brewing Company offers a variety of gastronomic stands ranging from pizza to sushi. It is a pleasant walk for the whole family.

Winter Garden Village Shopping

And if you can’t stand being away from shopping, know that in Winter Garden there is an open-air outlet, very beautiful, and without the long lines of traditional Orlando outlets. A little away from the city center is the Winter Garden Village outlet. There are more than 80 stores. Some are: Marshalls, Best Buy, Carters, Forever 21, Ross, etc. The Winter Garden Village offers a super pleasant atmosphere in the open, with a large parking lot. It’s worth knowing even if you don’t want to shop!

West Orange Trail: For bike lovers

For those who like to cycle, Winter Garden is part of the West Orange Trail. It passes right there in the center, where you can rent a bike and start cycling. The trail is all paved, very well signposted and, for the most part, flat. In addition to cycling, the trail is also intended for hiking and other outdoor sports.

West Orange Trail

The West Orange Trail is 35 km long. It starts in the city of Oakland, west of Winter Garden, and goes to the city of Apopka, on the shores of Lake Apopka. Most of the trail was built on the tracks of the region’s old railway line. Even today it is possible to see the original tracks and sleepers in some sections.

Walking the West Orange Trail, in addition to a good exercise and contact with nature, is to live the experience of getting to know a little of the culture of central Florida. Pass through typical towns and villages, some historic. Find yourself with some orange plantations, remnants of the region’s old economic activity. Along the trail there are also several playgrounds and stopping points.

Apopka Lake

As mentioned, the trail starts in Oakland (to the west) and ends in the city of Apopka (to the east). In Apopka is the third largest lake in Florida, Lake Apopka. For those who like nature and wildlife, the tip is to relax by the lake and enjoy some typical animals, such as birds, turtles and (watch out) alligators! How about a fishing trip with friends?

Farmer’s Market: Fair of local producers

Farmer's Market Winter Garden

If you visit Winter Garden on a Saturday, be aware that, in the morning, there is a traditional fair of local producers. There you will find all kinds of treats and souvenirs. It is a great opportunity to get to know a little of the local culture. On hot days, the square where the fair is located releases those jets of water that come out of the ground. Children love it! See the fair’s official website for more information and schedules:

Winter Garden Real Estate

As mentioned above, many foreigners are discovering the city of Winter Garden and buying houses in the region, whether for vacation or to take up residence. The quality of life in the region is the main attraction. The city offers great schools, security, lots of green area and several interesting walks.

If you are interested in knowing more about houses for sale in Winter Garden contact us and talk to one of our consultants.

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