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Miami is going to be the host of the world’s largest crypto conference. Recently, the Magic City has gotten the reputation of being a tech hub. Therefore, it is no surprise that the biggest cryptocurrency conference the world has ever seen will be held there. Organizers are expecting as many as 50,000 people to attend. In fact, the event is already sold out. The world’s largest crypto conference will have amazing headliners. For example, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and pro skater Tony Hawk.

This is a huge deal for Miami, as it is a signal of its emergence as a center for crypto technology. In fact, Miami has experienced faster growth in the tech world than any other major metro. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has been pushing the city as a crypto hub. In fact, he has announced initiatives to use crypto for some parts of the city’s finances.

Right now, Miami is experiencing a total technology movement. However, even before that, there was already a crypto community. In fact, the city served as a launch point for Ethereum, which is the second largest cryptocurrency following Bitcoin. Since Miami is a hotspot for crypto investors and developers, having the conference in the area makes sense.

The conference was originally going to happen in Los Angeles. However, the move to Miami came amid concerns about California’s Covid restrictions. In addition, this was also a good way to capitalize on Miami’s momentum within the tech world.

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world's largest crypto conference is happening in Miami
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